Welcome to online farming point. Bangladesh is an farming country. The financial method of our country is generally depend of farming. Major parts of our people are directly or not directly concerned with farming. Earnings resources of our people are partial. So they raise, poultry, ducks, dairy, fish, sheep etc. To make some additional profits. So, in this website, we have tried to explain you some probable way of earnings. Not only for Bangladesh but also about Indian farming and almost all Asian farming countries.

We have launched in the idea of modern farming. Modern farming means habitual farming with the facilities of modern farming equipments and machinery. In the past the farmers use bull to excavate the top soil. But now with the facilities of present technology farmers use tractor to this function. Different types of mixture seeds and fertilizers are now existing to maximize the manufacture. We don't like customary farming. Current farming has changed the total farming method. So current farming rebellion is a must. To be success we need the proper, correct and trial in sequence based on current knowledge. Which can make our vision true fast? Farmers to our country are doing their farming by the information and knowledge which they obtain from their relations. Modern technology in agriculture sector did not make any progress. Many eligible and famous researchers in our country are constantly researching and getting good results. But the main issue is that their results are not being published well. In some cases, the results of the research are restricted to journals and publication. We want to share the achievement of our researchers to the mass people. There are many farming university in our country to improve our farming condition. Many types of farming journals available in every parts of the worlds. Modern meditation, ideas, technology in agriculture and seeds in the land, to ensure the maximum use of fertilizer, raising poultry, ducks, dairy, goats, fish and many more, we have tried our best to collect all about this in our site. Due to improve the socioeconomic condition of our people we encourage land based farming as well as cattle, birds and the fish farming. Not only the well production, we have to be ensure about the market of our products.